The beginning of my Fashion Photography

I think once you start blogging and finding your niche, you end up finding new things to do along the way and it opens up different avenues. I started out my blog with the idea of just breaking out with my creativity, and I got bored moving from a cosmopolitan city to a small country town in the wheatbelt, I am not the only one as people from London have moved there and I thought going from Melbourne to Merredin was bad! haha! Once I started finding my niche I was getting a lot of comments and when I started blogging a beautiful friend Abbey was like its your calling! That lifted my spirits SO HIGH, that I found SOMETHING NEW! Blogging has become my super power in a sense as my strength is typing on the computer and it is so easily for me to get distracted moving from one task to another as I am meant to be working on an Assessment this instant, but when excitement and passion comes for something I don’t take it lightly, Inspiration can be hard to come by for some people, although inspiration is the backbone of many peoples vision statements for businesses, and/or any organisation. Every time I had something or an idea pop into my head I had to either write it down on pen or paper, or just go STRAIGHT to my laptop or computer because I am like a machine. I sit and type and keep going and going and going and going, and I won’t stop once I start. I think a zillion things a day, as I am sure many women do these days when it comes to beauty, fashion, blogging, Travel, Lifestyle, and many other topics that could be covered. I have decided that there are a million and one things I want to do with my life, and I have done 2 photo shoots in the past.

My first experience was at the Como Tower in South Yarra, Melbourne at Blush Photography in 2008 when I was 22 and I had a purple Pilgrim dress that costed me about $200 at the time when I was working on Toorak Road. I loved the buzz and the fashion of Chapel street and the feel and vibes of not just the area, but the fact you had good coffee shops, beautiful stores along that street and I remember visiting Channel 10 and being on the project in the audience one time which was fun! Blush Photography can be found on

I chose “Glamour Photography” and bought the digital photos on a CD at that time which was $2000.

But with that you get the FULL experience

– A four hour glamorous and pampering photo shoot experience
– Glass of bubbly, Nespresso coffee, tea or herbal tea on arrival
– Pre photo shoot phone consultation
– Wardrobe / Style consultation at your photo shoot
– Personalised full makeup application by an industry professional
– 3 different hairstyles / looks / outfits
– 3 separate luxury photo shoots

I felt very empowered and confident after doing that photo shoot and it gave me a lot of confidence at 22 years of age. I didn’t just “feel” glamorous I felt confident, sexy, empowered, a woman, self-fulfilled, and it created a new life experience for me. I had never done a modelling type photo shoot, and at 22 it was like eeeeekkk I am not a model because I am so short! But at the end of the day you have to feel happy in your own skin, and I felt JUST that!

I am not a professional photographer, but I have an idea with this blog, and it will hopefully be very visual and creative, and imaginative just like my BRAIN! I have an imagination that I want to put to good use, otherwise what’s the purpose! With imagination and talent you HAVE to use it regardless!

My first photo shoot was the following:

I did a close up of the Pilgrim dress one

Another close up from a different shoot

Another close up from the Pilgrim dress

A full portrait of the Pilgrim dress, the makeover was absolutely stunning and everything matched perfectly! I particularly loved the purple eyeshadow to go with the dress. It was a stunning and classy dress and I LOVED working with the girls on that shoot, it was a while ago, but I just want to share my first EVER photo shoot that I did in my early twenties as it is not every day you do something like that….

I felt like I was something out of a magazine! and it was highly professional.

This was another favourite as my hair style was different and pulled out with an Audrey Hepburn classic black dress styled look! This dress was given to me by my sister and I actually wore it to a dress party and got 1st prize for someones 18th birthday party! but I had the gloves and the smoking wand to go with it, audrey hep burnish style!!!!! I had one of me standing up showing the shoes I got in a boutique store in South Yarra, but sadly it is not on the computer, and this was a favourite part of the shoot, the photographers told me when to look up and what pose to do, it wasn’t hard.

This clearly shows Audrey Hepburn fashion, and that “little black dress” that every girl needs. When it comes to wardrobe inspiration and style and clothes you NEED a black dress, I even did a confessions of a shopaholic styled photo shoot and the black lace dress was ONLY $7 from an op shop, you would be surprised what you find these days in stores like that, there is a designer section, you may be the type to go oh! I don’t do last years season or anything from 2008 but you ALWAYS have to bring SOMETHING back as lots of fashion doesn’t go out of style.

I was nervous about doing a lingerie one, but honestly it was 2008, and that is very mild to what is really out there on the internet these days. I like the fact that this was soft and the curls brought about a nice look and I loved my hair style where it left a beautiful stunning feel against the pink lace and pink top. This was a challenge for me at that age, as it wasn’t looked at, and frowned upon, but honestly at that age and even when you are in your 30’s you are still figuring out life, and what is showable and what not. I still felt like a STAR! and glamorous and it honestly it left me feeling sexy for once. I was always told to not do shots like that growing up but a friend told me not too long ago if it doesn’t scare you then you are not trying, and I like a little challenge and I LOVE CHANGE! and Confidence is what gives it. The three C’s. and my Soul Urge number is 3, which is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, go figure! 3 is all about creativity, imagination and using your talents to let out to the world your energy of creativity. and that is what I tend to do and that is my life path, and goal for the next year and 3 years. The next 3 years are going to be the BEST 3 years of MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

So, look out for more photos on my fashion, I am more into photography these days, I have an old digital CANON camera but I prefer to use my Portrait camera on my iPhone which is WAY better. I have taken photos on my phone and done certain things, and it has created BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING VISUALS!!!!!! Have a look at my INSTAGRAM page to check them out. I have been told I would be good at many things such as Marketing, Creative Writing, Creative Music, The Arts, that is my niche, and I hope to bring to the table all I can do and offer on this blog to really pin the niche, and not just get a “message” out there, but share my creativity with the world, and with a community of like-minded people. If you want to collaborate, or if you would like to speak to me email me at emmalisatilli86@gmail.com or call me if you are in Perth, Western Australia on 0427 180 158 and we can do photo shoots, fashion stuff, and anything to do with photography! and put it all together!!!!! I am EXCITED as I have new clothes (and a “Pink Ted Baker” dress I want to showcase……… ahem) to do photo shoots with and if you are a photographer call or email and we can set up something as I want to be more involved in things like fashion modelling/portrait modelling/photography in general and/or anything inspirational and empowering. Life is too short! 🙂




P.S. 3 kisses 😛

I am now a Sincere Sally AMBASSADOR…………..


Beauty, Travel, Fashion, Taylor Magazine Contributor, Book Review Writer


I have teamed up with the brand “Sincere Sally” – the ‘fashion label, and you can find them on Instagram at @SincereSallyBoutique

Read below for blog post on SINCERE SALLY BOUTIQUE REVIEW

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Top 10 Fall Fashion Wardrobe Essentials to Look as Glam as a Celebrity

This is a REBLOG from EXQUISITE EMMALISA keeping this website purely for FASHION

Beauty, Travel, Fashion, Taylor Magazine Contributor, Book Review Writer

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My Fashion

I have decided to do an Add on from Exquisiteemmalisa and going to try a blog where I just post fashion and fashion outfits for something a little different and for a SECOND blog!

I thought I would do a seperate blog for just FASHION and FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY as I LOVE to take photos and I LOVE Fashion!!!!

I have already done an OUTFITS PAGE for my main website but I just wanted to give it a go with a second website seeing lots of people already own more than 1 website these days.

This will just be a FASHION BLOG no services or products or business I just want to collate visuals of fashion and hopefully put some beautiful pieces together and creat something NEW!

I have wardrobe inspiration and my FAVOURITE shoes are the MEMPHIS PUMPS by KATY PERRY COLLECTIONS and I have a love for JO MALONE English Pear and Fresia 🍐 and Orange Blossom 🍊

You will see most of these clothes in my wardrobe I have already displayed on my outfits page on the main website. Hopefully I will have some new pieces by the end of the year!

Emmalisa xx
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